Nordgold’s mission is to provide forward growth for the business and value to its shareholders and all other stakeholders. But for us, success is about more than just gold.

Our values run deeper than effective gold production. We want our employees to know their safety is our absolute priority. We want the trust of the investment community. We want to contribute to the communities in which we operate and become a trusted local partner. We want to look after the environment.

Our big idea. More than gold.

At Nordgold, we have always thought big. We are a young company, but we have grown quickly, meeting the challenges we have faced head on to become the successful international company we are today.

We realised that to really fulfill our potential and reach the next stage we needed a clear statement of our vision and of the values we are committed to.

These are the big idea values which drive our business, and they are worth more than gold to us.

Employee welfare

Nordgold employs thousands of people. As their employer, we bear the responsibility of ensuring their safety and providing a good quality of life for employees and their families. We want our people to realise their potential in conditions which are both comfortable and safe. We believe in continuous development of our employees, invest in their training and offer career opportunities across our diverse international assets portfolio. We seek to be an employer of choice in the communities in which we operate and to hire the very best people in the industry.

Investor confidence

We are continuously improving our processes throughout the value chain in order to help us achieve sustainable and best-in-class operating practices at all of our mines. We firmly believe in the importance of growth and maintain a strong pipeline of development projects. Through the delivery of production growth and high profitability, we strive to maintain shareholder confidence, both in the Company’s present as well as its future.

Community development

Being a responsible member of the local communities in which we operate is central merit of the way we do business. We see it as a vital part of our role to invest in those communities and help them develop. We bring in electricity, water, infrastructure and transport. In many areas, the local population gains access to education and health services, many small businesses start with our assistance. We are focused on mutual respect and dialogue with local communities and government organisations, and we meet all our legal and tax obligations.

The Environment

Taking care of the environment is a core value for Nordgold. We recognise we work in a potentially hazardous industry but we take as much care as possible to ensure we do not damage the environments in which we work.We bring high environmental standards to the communities where we operate, including access to purified potable water, and waste management.

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