Sustainability is at the heart of our approach to gold mining

Our approach

Nordgold is unwavering in its commitment to the communities where we operate. We are building a truly sustainable business by acting responsibly and keeping our promises to all our stakeholders.

health and safety

Mining presents health and safety risks, particularly for those working underground. Protecting the health and safety of our workforce is essential. Our primary objective is Zero Harm


Our top environmental priority is to minimize the impact of our gold mining operations on the atmosphere, water, and soil.

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    Our policy

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    The key areas

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    Our performance


Nordgold invest in a number of social initiatives and community development programmes across our operations.


We are striving to build a Nordgold culture in which more than 8,000 of our people, regardless of which operation they are engaged in, identify with each other as part of a team welded together with a common purpose.

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