Our motto is more than gold because we believe that only a business model built on social responsibility and steady growth can lead to long-term success for the Company.

Nordgold is fully committed to sustainability and we strive to integrate sustainable development principles into our operating philosophy.

We are committed to work in line with:

We seek to ensure that our activities do not harm our employees, local communities or the environment. Instead, we want to contribute to the development of local communities, deliver long-term value to our employees, and invest in environmental protection.

We have been committed to steady growth since Day One. And we are proud of the results.

Health and Safety

Our people are what make Nordgold successful. Ensuring their safety at all sites has always been our top priority. We are fully committed to achieving a zero-incident target in production. We also work strenuously to provide good labour conditions and competitive salaries, increase the level of engagement, and give our employees the opportunity to advance their careers through the training and the obtaining of qualifications.


As a responsible mining company, Nordgold is committed to minimizing its impact on the environment, and has a range of environmental programmes and initiatives in place including measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, ensure the efficient use of energy, and minimise waste.

We strictly observe the rules and regulations of all the countries we are active, as well as the international sector rules relating to the environment. We are constantly updating and reviewing our policies and practices in this area to stay in the vanguard of best sustainability performance in the industry.


We believe that comprehensive community engagement throughout the life of our mines is critical to establishing and maintaining long-term community support for the Company’s operations.

We respect the people living in the areas where we operate. And we help local communities develop locally. Nordgold makes material investments in the construction and support of schools and hospitals, the creation and repair of infrastructure, and improvements to water systems. We provide employment opportunities, prioritise local suppliers, and implement protection programmes for the most vulnerable members of society.


Our business is not just about achieving production and financial targets: we also want to become an employer of choice, which attracts and retains employees by providing decent and safe working conditions, a competitive rewards system, and opportunities to grow as a professional and to learn new skills.

The multinational scope of Nordgold operations distinguishes us from many other gold-producing companies. We strive to align these and to turn the diversity of our workforce into a strategic strength.

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