Established in 2007, Nordgold has since grown to become a leading, internationally diversified gold producer

Nordgold Established
  • Initially formed within Severstal, a Russia-based international steel and mining conglomerate, Nordgold began its expansion with the acquisition of the Suzdal (Kazakhstan) and Taborny (Russia) mines.
  • In 2007, Nordgold’s attributable gold production was 21 koz.
2007 <br/>  Nordgold Established
  • Nordgold achieved significant growth and international expansion following a series of successfully executed global M&A transactions, including the public takeovers of High River Gold and Crew Gold.
  • During this time, operational expertise was established in Russia, Kazakhstan, Burkina Faso, and Guinea.
  • In 2012 Nordgold split-off from Severstal, becoming a fully independent gold producer.
  • Total gold production reached 717 koz by the end of 2012.
2008-2012 <br/>  Internationalisation
2013 — 2018
Organic Growth
  • Three new mines were launched during this period, including Bissa (2013) and Bouly (2016) in Burkina Faso and Gross in Russia (2018).
  • All these mines were built on time and on budget within a 24-month period and had short payback periods on the invested capital, being less than 3 years each.
  • Total gold production was 907 koz in 2018.
2013 — 2018 <br/>  Organic Growth
2020 and beyond
a 1.0 Moz+ Gold Producer
  • Today, we are proud to be producing over one million ounces of gold per annum with a portfolio of eight operating mines: four in the Russian Federation, one in Kazakhstan, two in Burkina Faso and one in Guinea.
  • Since 2008, gold production has increased at a CAGR of approximately 13%, from 193 koz in 2008 to 1,024 koz in 2021.
  • We have an established position in the world class, highly prospective Gross Gold Mining Region in Yakutia, Russia, which includes the Group’s current largest mine Gross, as well as the Taborny mine and the Tokko project and represents a solid foundation of current performance and future low cost growth for Nordgold.
2020 and beyond <br/> a 1.0 Moz+ Gold Producer


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