Underground mine

The mine comprises commissioned by Nordgold in 2019 mechanised underground operation. This highly successful operation at Berezitovy further validates Nordgold’s underground mining expertise and supports planned underground operation at the Company’s Lefa mine.


The Berezitovy gold mine is situated in the far-east of the Russian Federation in the Amur region, approximately 100 kilometres from the Skovorodino railroad station.

Production Flow

Berezitovy had open pit operation in 2007-2022. In 2019 it was expanded with the mechanised underground operation.
The processing plant contains crushing, SAG and ball milling and a conventional carbon-in-pulp («CIP») circuit, a tailings water filter plant, and a dry-stack tailings storage facility.
Gold recovery
Gold is recovered from the loaded carbon in a conventional elution and electrowinning circuit, followed by smelting to produce gold doré.
Gold recovery


The Berezitovy mine has an environmental management framework that is being aligned with ISO 14001 - international standard for Environmental Management Systems.

There are no specially protected natural areas or leased hunting grounds within or near the licence’s boundaries. Some Red Book species of plants and animals may be present in the area, but they were not discovered during the field surveys.

Community Support

Berezitovy arranges an annual Social Projects Contest, through which the mine provides funding for a number of small development initiatives proposed by local residents.

Annually, the Berezitovy mine provides grants to finance 20 such local projects, mainly aiming to support the development of local tourism, recreation and social infrastructure and improving youth education facilities.

Salt spa therapy room

Berezitovy mine supports the small indigenous Evenks people of the village of Ust-Urkima located 200 km from the mine in the Tyndinsky district of the Amur River region.

The mine helps in organising traditional spring festivals «Hunter’sand Reindeer Herder’s Day». The winners of the reindeer sled race competitions receive prizes purchased with Nordgold’s funds.

Berezitovy also regularly provides charity and material assistance to residents of local communities.

Hunter’sand Reindeer Herder’s Day


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