Nordgold Completes Integration of IT Infrastructure into the Unified Data Network

Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 29, 2014 - Nord Gold N.V. (“Nordgold” or the “Company”, LSE: NORD), an internationally diversified, pure-play gold producer, is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed the integration of its IT infrastructure, which spans through remote locations over two continents, into the unified data network (“The Project”). The project was realised by contractor I.T. Co.

Nordgold rolled out an integrated data space shared by its Moscow headquarters and its nine gold mines in Russia, Kazakhstan, Guinea and Burkina Faso to improve operating efficiency and asset management. The unified IT infrastructure ensures uninterrupted communications and high-speed data exchange between employees while supporting the deployment of Nordgold’s enterprise business systems.

I.T. Co. built out the new infrastructure across 10 international facilities simultaneously while meeting all international quality standards in delivery of this project.

The project began in autumn 2013 with I.T. Co. engineers designing technical specifications for the new organisational and technology system including software, hardware and telecommunications solutions, product documentation for all system services, and operating regulations. I.T. Co. then deployed individual system components at all facilities, including offices and mines, and migrated data from legacy services into the new network.

Aligned with Nordgold’s enterprise IT model, the new system includes an authentication and authorization service, single name space (DNS) and dynamic host configuration (DHCP) services, an enterprise email service and a virus protection service.

The project has enabled Nordgold to unify and standardise its IT services and data management processes among geographically diverse business units. IT resource management is now centralised in the unified data space serving all mines and offices of Nordgold and a centralised data storage environment. IT services reliability has improved significantly due to data protection features as well as software and hardware redundancy of IT functions. The new infrastructure has connected approximately 9,000 Nordgold employees.

“With the successful implementation of this major IT project, we are now able to effectively meet the challenge of the group-wide roll-out of new business software applications. Our legacy IT structure presented unique challenges give the geographical diversity of the Group. Now that all Nordgold businesses are connected to a unified data network, we can quickly deploy centralised systems giving us a better opportunity to address key business challenges and offer IT services meeting the requirements and levels of our corporate standards.” VICTOR SKOROBOGATOVCHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER OF NORDGOLD

“We were very excited to be a part of such an ambitious and business critical project where we needed to manage processes and employees in different parts of the world and different time zones. We used a set of isolated environments offering varying degrees of automation and meeting regulatory requirements of different countries to build a unified IT infrastructure designed with international best practices in mind.” MIKHAIL RECHKUNOVI.T. CO. PROJECT MANAGER

About Nordgold

Nordgold (LSE: NORD) is an international pure-play emerging-markets gold producer established in 2007 and publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange. The Company has expanded rapidly through carefully targeted acquisitions and organic growth, achieving a rate of growth unmatched in the industry during that period. In 2013, Nordgold’s gold production increased to 924 koz from 717 koz in 2012.

The Company operates 9 mines and has 2 development projects, 4 advanced exploration projects and a diverse portfolio of early-stage exploration projects and licenses in Russia, Kazakhstan, Burkina Faso, Guinea and French Guiana. Nordgold employs about 10,000 people.

About I.T. Group of Companies

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I.T. Co. was founded in 1990. Besides the system integrator, the I.T. Group includes the following subsidiary companies: I.T. Academy, Aplana Software, BOSS.HR Systems, Business Logic, Logika BPM, MobilityLab, RINTECH and Unicloud. All I.T. Group companies work in the sphere of information technologies and consulting. The Group has branch offices in more than 20 cities of Russian Federation. 2000 people are employed by I.T. Group, the half of the employees are certified specialists. Find more information at


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