Nordgold helps communities in Burkina Faso in the face of food insecurity

03 November 2022

Nordgold’s Bissa mine has donated 100 tons of corn, worth more than US$ 50,000, to the populations of Sabcé in the Centre-Nord of Burkina Faso.

The region experienced poor rainfall during the past agricultural season and was at risk of food insecurity due to food shortages.

"Last year’s poor harvest created scarcity, so we felt obliged to intervene. Food security is one of the priorities of our sustainable development programme"

Kayaba Kaborecommunity relations manager at Nordgold Bissa

Mr Sibiri Neya, prefect of the department and president of the Special Delegation of Sabcé, thanked the mine and said the donation would provide relief for the communities until the next season.

The food donation campaign continues, and Nordgold Bissa is determined to fight, alongside communities, against hunger.



Marisha LeonCorporate Communications Manager, Africa

About Bissa-Bouly

The Bissa-Bouly mines in Burkina Faso are operated by Nordgold and jointly owned with the government of Burkina Faso, which has a 10% interest. Nordgold has invested over US$1.3 billion in Burkina Faso and become one of the largest gold miners operating in the country. Since 2009, the Company has contributed over US$500 million to the government in the form of taxes and royalties. Bissa-Bouly supports more than 1,300 jobs. The Company’s recent community initiatives in Burkina Faso include the construction of new quality homes for local communities and considerable investment in new infrastructure projects — including roads, schools, and health centres — as well as investment in agriculture and livestock and supporting the development of small businesses.

About Nordgold

Nordgold is an internationally diversified one million ounce gold producer with 8,000 employees and a portfolio of eight mines — in Burkina Faso, Guinea, Russia, and Kazakhstan — as well as a number of development and exploration projects in West Africa, Eurasia, and North America. Since its foundation in 2007, Nordgold has established a global reputation as a leading developer of tier-one gold-mining assets, with a proven commitment to community engagement, sustainability, efficiency, and operating in an environmentally responsible manner. Since 2013, Nordgold has successfully constructed three gold mines, including two in Burkina Faso (Bouly and Bissa) and, most recently, the Gross mine in Russia.


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