Nordgold presents at MINEX Russia 2020

London, United Kingdom, 9 October 2020 – Evgeny Tulubensky, Chief Legal Officer and Director of ESG and Ekaterina Bashnyak, General Manager of the Zun-Holba mine, and Ivan Dashchenko, Head of Innovation, participated in the Mining and Exploration Forum MINEX Russia 2020 which took place on 6-8 October 2020 in Moscow, Russia.

Environment, Social and Governance Session

Evgeny Tulubensky took part in the MINEX Russia 2020 ESG session. In his presentation entitled “ESG: How to Put Together a Puzzle”, Mr Tulubensky said the mining sector is stepping up its efforts to address growing concerns over ESG-related issues in the industry. He stressed the pivotal role of global standard-setting bodies, such as the World Gold Council and UN Global Compact, in highlighting priorities and formulating key principles of ESG conduct for the sector. Sustainable development principles have been at the core of the business philosophy of Nordgold since its foundation. Nordgold has always sought to align its managerial practices with industry best practice and the broader sustainable development performance improvement agenda. Nordgold’s leadership closely monitors the Company’s ESG performance through a Board-led internal ESG Committee.

“Our mission is to create sustainable value for all our stakeholders by being responsible stewards of the environment, trusted partners to our host countries and communities and complying with the highest applicable corporate governance standards. We welcome the opportunity to share our own experience and learn from others to continue making a positive economic and social impact while reducing our environmental footprint. ” Evgeny TulubenskyChief Legal Officer and Director of ESG

Women in Mining Russia Session

Ekaterina Bashnyak participated in the MINEX session arranged by Women in Mining Russia. Mrs Bashnyak shared her experience of career development from Human Resources to managing a mine. She emphasised that her main focus as a mine General Manager is the safety of employees and contractors. Nordgold’s ambition is to become a safety leader in the mining industry. Continued investment in technology and automation, as well as a relentless focus on safety, is key to helping Nordgold achieve its Zero Harm target.

“Safety automation projects at Nordgold are designed to remove people from a potentially dangerous environment and prevent exposure to hazardous situations. They also help to speed up rescue and remove the risk of human error. Measures we are implementing among others include remote control of load-haul-dump machines and extensive driver safety systems. ” Ekaterina BashnyakNordgold’s Zun-Holba mine General Manager

Mining Goes Digital Session

Ivan Dashchenko took part in the “Mining Goes Digital” Session where he presented the Company’s ongoing digitalisation programme and shared Nordgold’s digital transformation journey experience. Nordgold has invested heavily in technology as it has rolled out best practice and new system across its global mine portfolio. This has helped drive a sustained improvement in both efficiency and above all, safety.

About Nordgold

Nordgold is an internationally diversified one million ounce gold producer with over 8,000 people operating a portfolio of ten mines (in Burkina Faso, Guinea, Russia and Kazakhstan) and a number of development and exploration projects in West Africa, Eurasia and the Americas. Since its foundation in 2007, Nordgold has established a global reputation as a leading developer of tier one gold mining assets with a proven commitment to community engagement, sustainability, efficiency and operating in an environmentally responsible manner. Since 2013, Nordgold has successfully constructed three gold mines, including two in Burkina Faso (Bouly and Bissa) and most recently, the Gross mine in Russia.



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