Nordgold Reports Results of General Meeting

London, United Kingdom, 10 March 2020 – The General Meeting of Nord Gold SE (“Nordgold” or the “Company”), the internationally diversified gold producer, was held on Monday, 9 March 2020, at 9 am GMT at the Fetcham Park House, Lower Road, Fetcham, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 9HD (the "General Meeting").

At the General Meeting it was proposed that the issued share capital of the Company be reduced from €336,263,929 to €3,362,639.29 by cancelling and extinguishing capital to the extent of €0.99 on each issued fully paid up Ordinary Share of €1.00 each in the Company, and reducing the nominal value of each issued fully paid up Ordinary Share from €1.00 to €0.01.

Further, it was proposed that the amount by which the share capital is so reduced be credited to a reserve.

(i) There were no questions from the floor.

(ii) A poll was demanded in accordance with the Company’s statutes by the chairman. The poll was taken immediately. The result of the poll was 336,116,776 votes in favour, 0 votes against the resolution and 0 votes withheld.

The chairman therefore declared the special resolution carried by the necessary majority.

About Nordgold

Nordgold is an internationally diversified gold producer established in 2007. Nordgold has a proven track record of operational excellence and benefits from a significant international development pipeline. The Company is relentlessly focused on shareholder value, committed to running safe, efficient, profitable operations, which enable it to generate strong cashflows and in turn, continue to invest in its pipeline of new growth opportunities while generating returns for investors. In 2018, Nordgold produced 907 thousand ounces of gold.

Nordgold operates 10 mines (5 in Russia, 3 in Burkina Faso and one each in Guinea and Kazakhstan). It has several prospective projects in feasibility study and advanced exploration phases, as well as a diverse portfolio of early-stage exploration projects and licences in Burkina Faso, Russia, French Guiana and Canada. Nordgold employs over 8,000 people.


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