Biodiversity is a core pillar of Nordgold’s broader ESG strategy

We endeavour to minimise our environmental impacts on biodiversity. A biodiversity survey forms part of our environmental impact studies which are carried out during the early stages of project development.

As in our Nordgold Biodiversity Statement, we are committed to the following guidelines:

  • Implementing control measures for minimising disturbance to land and the clearing of vegetation to protect areas of existing biodiversity. At the end of a mine’s life, we will put in place mine closure measures compliant with the local legislation and best industry standards.
  • Including any adverse biodiversity impacts and the effectiveness of implemented control measures in environmental monitoring programmes.
  • Reporting any wildlife mortalities and unauthorised land clearances in accordance with reporting standards and legal requirements.
  • For assets with residential camps located in the vicinity of the mine, implementing measures to:
    • avoid unauthorised collection of local species of plants by employees;
    • avoid unauthorised hunting local species.
  • Implementing a Biodiversity Management Plan.

Biodiversity monitoring

Biological resources are closely monitored at all operations and our mines are located far from protected, sensitive and biodiverse areas.

Our assets are located in a variety of ecosystems all over the planet, from the African Savannah to the Siberian Taiga. These ecosystems are home to a wide range of plant and animal species, some of which are protected species.

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Biodiversity projects

We run a range of long-term projects to preserve biodiversity and conserve wildlife. We believe that carrying out projects in the remote regions where we operate helps to protect the environment and fosters greater engagement with local communities. Our ultimate aim is that, through greater research and biodiversity projects, we will enhance the biodiversity status of these areas.

Snow Leopard preservation programme

Since 2017, Nordgold has been a sponsor of the Snow Leopard Foundation in Russia, a non-profit and non-governmental organisation dedicated to conserving populations of snow leopards: a rare mammal from the cat family that live in hard-to-reach mountain ranges. This species is listed as endangered in the Red Book of the Russian Federation.

We consider the snow leopard to be our unofficial mascot. We work with the Foundation to study and preserve the snow leopard population in Russia in the mountains of Eastern Sayan (near our Irokinda mine).

Spirits of the mountains

Who researches snow leopards in Russia and how

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Forestation: 400 ha to be replanted in 2020-2023

Reforestation is one of Nordgold’s environmental programmes that is guided by UN Sustainable Development Goals to help combat climate change in the countries where we operate.

All of Nordgold’s West African mines engage in large-scale reforestation campaigns annually, providing financial assistance to the local communities and organising tree planting activities. Further to this, Nordgold supports the development of artificial forests as a means of working with local communities to deliver tangible change.

The Gross mine has also launched a large-scale reforestation programme in Yakutia with over 200 hectares to be covered in 2021-2022.

To learn more about reforestation programme of Nordgold’s mines please watch our new film «Looking to the Future».

Restoration of aquatic biological resources

For over 10 years we have been implementing environmental protection measures in Russia, including the annual release of hundreds of thousands of juvenile fish to local lakes and rivers. This is a complex logistical and scientific challenge, but the repopulation of fish has a significant benefit to the health of the local water systems, with associated knock-on benefits.


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