Empowerment Programmes

We directly contribute to society through paying our taxes, creating jobs, providing healthcare and education opportunities, and developing local entrepreneurship.

Nordgold is a significant financial contributor to the regions where we operate. Our payments to governments include taxes, dividends, and the provision of funds to improve infrastructure.

Payments to government reports

We prioritise recruiting local staff and hiring local contractors in our countries of operation.

We promote our job opportunities via Nordgold’s career website. In accordance with recruitment programmes and policies, Nordgold has agreements with local community leaders in Africa regarding job posting. These are looked after by both our Community Relations and Human Resources teams who supervise and monitor the distribution of labour in each community.

Nordgold conducts an annual training programme for local communities in West Africa, which includes vocational training across mining fleet operations, welding, electrical wiring, plumbing, and other in-demand professions.

As a result, out of over 8,000 people employed at our mines, approximately 98% are from the country in which we operate.

We purchase as much as possible from the local supply chain. Our priority is to build a long-term partnership with local suppliers.

We build new roads, important public facilities and infrastructure that help communities develop their social and economic potential.

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Nordgold has numerous empowerment programmes aimed at the sustainable development of communities, including educating women in money-generating activities, such as weaving, livestock breading and beekeeping, by providing assistance to local farmers, and a range of supportive measures for many of the more vulnerable people in the societies where we operate.

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