Nordgold’s approach is to avoid, minimise or mitigate the need for the resettlement of local people

Where mining activities require the resettlement of communities, we ensure that these communities experience even better living conditions than before.

We take a collaborative and consultative approach to settlement relocation aiming to provide better facilities, augmented services and access to essentials, such as water. We arrange public consultations, where Nordgold representatives negotiate resettlement conditions, plans related to the construction of housing, and the conditions and level of compensation to be made available.

We are always focused on community needs and creating new venues to help and support the community, such as community centres, sports halls and community warehouses.

All resettlements are conducted in compliance with the IFC Performance Standard 5  and national legislation. We have an internal Resettlement Framework in place, which establishes the procedure for performing proper resettlements. Nordgold arranges training for its employees involved in resettlement process on Involuntary Resettlement Risks and its Human Rights aspects.

In order to ensure up-to-date informational exchanges with local communities, Nordgold has established a detailed grievances management procedure that is compliant with IFC Performance Standard 1, and which is adapted to cater for local customs and cultures.

After a resettlement is complete, we conduct a targeted livelihood restoration programme and further monitor the efficacy of the implemented programmes against the socio-economic indicators.

Our resettlements also serve as an additional opportunity to create economic advantages for local businesses and workforces. Contracts for housing and infrastructure constructions and water borehole developments are awarded to local enterprises resulting in indirect jobs creation during construction works.

Between 2016-2020, Nordgold successfully carried out the resettlement of the Zandkom Village in Burkina Faso, comprising 880 new houses built for 656 households — this was accompanied by an ongoing consultation with local communities. We also carried out the resettlement of the Bouly Village in Burkina Faso, comprising approximately 1,000 new houses, 16 new water intake wells, 8 religious buildings, 4 schools and teacher houses, 4 community centers and 13 additional facilities including a vaccination clinic, park, sports fields and grain mills.

Old Villages of Bouly and Zandkom comminities

Replacement Villages of Bouly and Zandkom comminities


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