Indigenous Groups

We respect the special rights of indigenous people, always respecting Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) principles. A commitment to not undertake any activity without observing these principles is enshrined in the Nordgold Transparency and Community Consultation Guidance. Throughout each phase of a project, we endeavour to create new and lasting opportunities for local indigenous communities.

Nordgold pays special attention to interacting with indigenous people in our regions of operation and ensures that local languages, cultures and traditions are allowed to continue to prosper. We also have socio-economic development agreements in place that are geared towards empowering these communities.

As part of our commitment to indigenous groups, we continue to support Evenks, the indigenous people of the Far North in Russia. This Tyanya community made up of roughly 500 residents is located 155 km north of the Gross Region in Yakutia. Every year we renew the social and economic agreement with the Evenks community, and provide them with the fuel, vehicles, and other types of essential goods. The Company also provides targeted support for local events, festivals and celebrations.

Tyanya: a fragile world

We present a short film about the Evenks community in Yakutia. You will see the endless taiga, where the proud indigenous peoples of the Extreme North uphold their culture and traditions.

We also help the Soyot people of Buryatia preserve their language and local traditions through grants.

It seemed as though the language would vanish as well

We are in the Okinsky District at the Western tip of Buryatia, Far East of Russia. To give you an idea, the geographic center of the vast continent of Eurasia is in nearby Tuva. These mountains used to be the border between Turkic and Mongolian lands, and since then Buryatia has been home to the Soyot, a small community who speak a Turkic type language.

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Berezitovy mine supports the small indigenous Evenks people of the village of Ust-Urkima located 200 km from the mine in the Tyndinsky district of the Amur River region.

The mine helps in organising traditional spring festivals «Hunter’sand Reindeer Herder’s Day». The winners of the reindeer sled race competitions receive prizes purchased with Nordgold’s funds.

Berezitovy also regularly provides charity and material assistance to residents of local communities.

Hunter’sand Reindeer Herder’s Day


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